Practical and Simple Padang Rice Recipes

Practical and Simple Padang Rice Recipes

Nasi Padang is a Padang steamed rice served with various choices of pre-cooked dishes originated from Indonesia. It is known across Indonesia as Nasi Padang, after the city of Padang the capital of West Sumatra province. Nasi Padang (Padang-style rice) is a miniature banquet of meats, fish, vegetables, and spicy sambals eaten with plain white rice, it is Sumatra's most famous export and the Minangkabau people's great contribution to Indonesian cuisine.

A Padang restaurant is usually easily distinguishable with their Rumah Gadang style facade and their typical window display. Nasi Padang window display in front of restaurant usually consists of stages and rows of carefully arranged stacked bowls and plates, constructed and filled with various dishes. A Padang restaurant, especially small-to-medium ones, will also usually bear names in Minang language.

Nasi Padang is a vital part of Indonesian workers' lunch break in urban areas; when Nasi Padang prices in the Greater Jakarta area were raised in 2016, Jakarta municipal civil servants demanded the uang lauk pauk (food allowance, as a component of civil servant's salary) to be raised as well.

I am an Indonesian. I will share recipes to make delicious Padang rice. This recipe is very easy to practice at home. Please see well.


  • 500 grams of beef, cut flat
  • 1 fine grated coconut
  • 750 ml of water
  • 4 red peppers, remove the seeds
  • 3 curly chilies
  • 6 red onion cloves
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 ginger finger segment
  • 1 galangal finger segment, radiant
  • 1 segment of turmeric finger
  • 1 lemongrass stick, spread
  • 1 tamarind seeds
  • 2 orange leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • Boiled cassava leaves and jackfruit curry to taste

How to make

  • Blend the main ingredients of red chili, curly chili, onion, garlic, ginger, and turmeric, set aside.
  • Prepare the pan, add grated coconut, water, and finely ground spices, cook until boiling.
  • Add the beef, boil until the color changes.
  • Enter galangal, lemongrass, kandis acid, orange leaves, and salt, stirring until all is mixed.
  • Boil the rendang while continuing to stir so that the coconut milk that is formed does not break.
  • Boil until the rendang water shrinks and the dried rendang and leaves become tender, if the water shrinks but the meat is not tender, add enough water and boil until the water is meyusut.
  • Serve rendang with boiled cassava leaves, jackfruit curry, and warm rice. Add sambal if you like.

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That's the nasi padang recipe that I know. Hopefully this can help you at home for those who want to make Padang Rice, Indonesian Typical Food.

That's the "Practical and Simple Padang Rice Recipes" that we can serve for you, it's easy - hopefully the recipe that we provide can be easily practiced at home. Don't forget to share this article.

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